Egg Donation

yumurta donasyonu kibris

Egg donation IVF provides women with fertility problems the opportunity to have children. IVF with egg donation is an infertility treatment for women whose eggs are not suitable for producing a successful pregnancy. Some women have insufficient egg production, other women have poor quality egg production. Older women who are past the age of menopause and are good candidates for IVF egg donation treatment. Most women who have undergone IVF with egg donation are over the age of 40.

Egg donor ivf procedure is performed like a procedure for ivf treatment, the only difference is that a young healthy woman provides her egg rather than your own eggs.

Egg Donation Laws in Northern Cyprus

Unlike other countries, egg donation in Northern Cyprus is completely anonymous. Every child conceived by egg donation in Northern Cyprus. This law also applies to the egg donor and intended parent. Neither party will be able to trace the identity of the patients or the donor who received and donated their eggs. As donor and recipient identity information is strictly confidential according to Northern Cyprus laws, both patient and donor identity will remain anonymous.

Recommended Egg Donation for Women:

  • Women whose ovaries do not produce eggs

  • Women Before Menopause, Menopause, Surgery

  • Women who have had the surgical removal of the ovaries

  • Women without ovaries

  • Due to inherited genetic conditions

  • Donor Selection and Screening

  • Donors will be screened regularly and tested for fertility and infectious disease.

  • For an accurate donor matching process, we ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • Physical characteristics of you and your partners such as: skin color, hair color, eye color

  • Blood groups of individuals

When you are ready to begin your treatment, we will ask you to fill out a "donor recipient form". In this form, you will provide us with your own physical characteristics as well as more donor specifications. Based on the information you give us, we will be able to narrow down our donor pool to fit your criteria and shortlist our best matching egg donors. After the initial screening process is complete, you will be given a list of egg donors to choose from.

After the donor is selected, the donor will be treated with hormone injections. After the eggs are retrieved, the egg donor's role is complete. A semen sample is then collected from the male patient and used to create ICSI with the oocytes donor. After the embryos reach a certain stage, they are transferred to the uterus of the femal patient.

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