Considerations in Cyprus IVF Treatment

dr verda tuncbilek

Gynecology Obstetrics and Cyprus IVF Specialist Op.Dr. Verda Tunçbilek says:

In our center in Cyprus, IVF Treatment is an application that lasts approximately 3 - 4 weeks and should be carefully applied by both the couples who are treated and the doctor performing the treatment.

During this difficult treatment process, our patients must carefully follow all the instructions given by our doctor.


We can list the elements that must be considered in the Cyprus IVF application as follows.

  • If there is any medication use due to any illness or pain before the treatment, you must share this information with the doctor who performs the IVF treatment.

  • During the IVF method, the expectant mother must take a break from activities that will tire the body, such as sports and exercise.

  • Absolutely no alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco, etc., before pregnancy occurs and in the continuation of the pregnancy. such products should not be consumed.

  • While IVF treatment is still ongoing, sexual intercourse should be suspended until the end of the treatment.

  • The most important factor that we have mentioned before is, of course, that the expectant mother should be free from stress.

  • The person who will administer the treatment should be confident and comfortable with his doctor, embryologist, nurse and himself.

  • There should be no sexual intercourse until 3 days before the sperm day to be taken from the male candidate.

  • Medicines and needles that the patient should apply at home should be made in accordance with the recipe and on time.

  • Dosage adjustment of drugs should not be without the advice of the doctor. Long journeys should not be made for 2 days following the embryo transfer and the patient should rest.

  • It is beneficial to stay away from hot environments such as baths and spas.

  • Care should be taken in choosing the center where IVF treatment will take place.

  • The healthy pregnancy success of Cyprus IVF Center should be considered.