Cyprus IVF Consultant

kibris tup bebek danismani

We have a highly experienced IVF Center patient consultants and coordinators specializing in IVF treatments in Northern Cyprus. By presenting the knowledge and experience that years have brought us, we provide the best tailored advice for each individual who wants to have a child, and there is no doubt that our team, which works best for your situation, with the highest standards and success rates, will work hard for a healthy pregnancy.

Our role as an IVF consultant is to also provide the best advice when choosing the most appropriate treatments for you. In line with the requests of patients, we accompany their appointments, support, advise and share all necessary information where, where and when necessary. We connect with both patients and healthcare professionals to coordinate the patient's treatment process. We provide you with step-by-step guidance during the treatment and constantly inform you about the situation. We also advise the patient on accommodation, transfer, eating and drinking and places to visit when he arrives in Northern Cyprus.

Our goal is to provide our patients with the best information and advice in dealing with your journey to parenthood. As a highly experienced IVF coordinator, we will advise you on your appropriate treatment.

Cyprus IVF Treatment Process
First meeting with the doctor

You will consult our specialist doctor in the field of crochet baby. The doctor will order a blood test if necessary. The doctor will do an internal baseline scan to differentiate ovarian reserve. Once this is complete, the doctor will prescribe you a medicine to stimulate your ovaries.

For patients starting home treatment, especially female patients, a variety of hormone blood tests will be performed that the IVF coordinator will have the patient do along with a baseline scan on the second or third day of their menstrual cycle. After the results are sent to the doctor, the doctor will analyze and prescribe the drug according to the patient's ovarian status.

After drug use

You will come to the clinic for another appointment to monitor the progress of your ovarian stimulation, where you have undergone a screening examination by the doctor.

You will be given a prescription and a protocol treatment schedule to follow step by step. You will scan several times and send the drug dosages to the doctor to analyze and adjust.

egg maturation

Two days before your eggs are collected, you will have a hormone-triggering injection that triggers the eggs to mature.

You will arrive in Cyprus the day before the trigger injection day. You will have a doctor's consultation and examination to set the trigger injection time. Egg collection will be performed 36 hours after the injection.

egg collection

You will receive a mild general anesthetic for this simple, short procedure. The doctor will retrieve your eggs using an ultrasound-guided technique.

sperm production

On the day of egg retrieval, the male partner will give a sperm sample.

Embryo Development

The embryologist will inject the sperm into the mature egg in the lab, called ICSI. 24 horses after ICSI, the eggs are fertilized and early embryo development begins.

Embryo transfer

3-5 days after egg retrieval, your doctor injects 1-3 healthy embryos into the uterus.

Pregnancy test

12 days after the embryo transfer, you will have a blood test called the Beta HCG test to see if the treatment is positive or negative.