Embryo Donation

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What is Embryo Donation?

Embryo donation is an often suggested solution for couples suffering both from infertility.

If both male and female reproductive systems are not able to produce the desired result, then this treatment might be the best solution possible.

Eggs are received from a healthy donor, chosen and agreed previously by the patient and sperm is used from a sperm bank and fertilized by our embryologist in a modern lab environment.

With the help of micro-injection, the embryos are then transferred to the uterus, with the aim to give the opportunity to the new patients to achieve pregnancy.

Embryo donation is a recommended method for couples where the female cannot get pregnant with her eggs and when the male does not have sperm that can fertilize the egg.

In this treatment, the egg-donation and the sperm-donation, which is determined compatible with the physical characteristics of the couple, are subject to the microinjection process.

All donor eggs and sperm go through appropriate screening tests and then the embryo is transferred to the receiver female.

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