Cyprus IVF Consultancy

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When couples decide on in vitro fertilization treatment, they are supported psychologically, and the treatment process is explained by our consultant so that they have information, and there is no question mark left unanswered.

Due to the genetic structure within the family members, genetic health also constitutes the genetic health of the society.

Genetic Counseling: It is an education and communication event that includes calculating the probability of recurrence of this hereditary disease in himself, his children or relatives of a person at risk of any permanent disease, telling the relevant person and taking all necessary actions to solve the problem.

Purpose: It is the state-of-the-art use of modern and cutting-edge medical technology to reduce the proliferation of genetic diseases.

During genetic counseling, it is necessary to share all reports and information with the patient in detail, but to do this in an understandable way. For example, information should be given to the patient in an informative way, not as a directive. In short, it should be aimed to ensure the active participation of the patient in the decision to be taken.

Genetic Counseling Stage Process:

  • To give information about the natural course of the disease and its treatment.
  • Explaining the genetic treatment methods to be applied
  • Calculation and assessment of recurrence risks
  • Evaluation of available options
  • not having children
  • Prenatal diagnosis
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • help with decision making
  • Assistance and Monitoring in the implementation of the decision

Genetic counseling should be provided in cases of prenatal diagnosis (amniocentesis, etc.), blood kinship, exposure to Teratogen (chemical agent, etc.) during or before pregnancy, and recurrent pregnancy loss, which are thought to be made due to abnormal carrier status, advanced maternal age and other reasons.