Is there an age limit for IVF treatment?

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The age limit for Cyprus IVF center treatment procedures is a very curious issue by our patients.

In vitro fertilization is a treatment method developed for women who have completed the age of 18 and have not entered menopause. However, the most important issues that determine IVF treatment are decided according to the woman's ovarian status, having children before, and whether she has a chronic disease or not.

If the baby-to-be woman has a decreased ovarian capacity, time should not be lost in in vitro fertilization treatment as the egg reserve will decrease over time.

So what are these situations?

tube blockage

The condition of no sperm in the semen, called azoospermia in men

In cases with severely reduced ovarian reserve, IVF treatment should be performed without delay.

The number of egg cells, which is the maximum number in the baby girl at birth, decreases day by day, especially since the period of puberty.

This scientific data shows us that it is very important to reveal the reproductive capacity of women who have problems in conceiving during marriage and who have low ovarian reserve (low ovarian reserve) in ultrasound or ovarian reserve tests performed for this reason, without wasting time and meticulously.

It is very important to keep these egg cells in the form of in vitro fertilization, if they are married, before the egg capacity and ovarian reserve decrease further, since women with such conditions are informed in detail and the egg reserve cannot be returned.

Egg Donation

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Egg donation IVF provides women with fertility problems the opportunity to have children. IVF with egg donation is an infertility treatment for women whose eggs are not suitable for producing a successful pregnancy. Some women have insufficient egg production, other women have poor quality egg production. Older women who are past the age of menopause and are good candidates for IVF egg donation treatment. Most women who have undergone IVF with egg donation are over the age of 40.

Egg donor ivf procedure is performed like a procedure for ivf treatment, the only difference is that a young healthy woman provides her egg rather than your own eggs.

Egg Donation Laws in Northern Cyprus

Unlike other countries, egg donation in Northern Cyprus is completely anonymous. Every child conceived by egg donation in Northern Cyprus. This law also applies to the egg donor and intended parent. Neither party will be able to trace the identity of the patients or the donor who received and donated their eggs. As donor and recipient identity information is strictly confidential according to Northern Cyprus laws, both patient and donor identity will remain anonymous.

Recommended Egg Donation for Women:

  • Women whose ovaries do not produce eggs

  • Women Before Menopause, Menopause, Surgery

  • Women who have had the surgical removal of the ovaries

  • Women without ovaries

  • Due to inherited genetic conditions

  • Donor Selection and Screening

  • Donors will be screened regularly and tested for fertility and infectious disease.

  • For an accurate donor matching process, we ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • Physical characteristics of you and your partners such as: skin color, hair color, eye color

  • Blood groups of individuals

When you are ready to begin your treatment, we will ask you to fill out a "donor recipient form". In this form, you will provide us with your own physical characteristics as well as more donor specifications. Based on the information you give us, we will be able to narrow down our donor pool to fit your criteria and shortlist our best matching egg donors. After the initial screening process is complete, you will be given a list of egg donors to choose from.

After the donor is selected, the donor will be treated with hormone injections. After the eggs are retrieved, the egg donor's role is complete. A semen sample is then collected from the male patient and used to create ICSI with the oocytes donor. After the embryos reach a certain stage, they are transferred to the uterus of the femal patient.

Cyprus IVF Center

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Today, almost 4 out of 5 people do not have children. For this reason, many applications are made to the IVF center. Our hospital (Cyprus IVF IVF Center) with a very high success rate is among the most preferred ones.

Those who do not have children should not immediately panic. First of all, the woman should see a gynecologist. Men should be examined by a urologist. After the tests the doctor looks at, the recommended treatments and medications should be used. The most important factor for conceiving is to stay away from stressful environments.

Reproductive organs of women do not always get pregnant. The female reproductive organs can systematically become pregnant in just 3 and 4 days in 1 month. The menstrual cycles of women can be at least 24 days and at most 38 days. If less than 24 days and more than 38 days, a doctor should be seen.

The egg cell that forms and matures in the ovary passes through the tube like a canal and is thrown into the uterus. Starting from the 1st day of the menstrual period, the 14th day is suitable and suitable for getting pregnant. However, since it is known that not everyone has periods at the same intervals, these days can be found by dividing the total menstrual days into two. The egg cell that encounters the sperm in the tube leaves their essence to each other and forms an embryo.

You can use the link below to access the website of the Girne IVF IVF and women's health center.

Some menstrual period applications installed on phones and tablets automatically calculate the days of conception. In addition, ovulation can be followed by tests similar to the pregnancy test called ovulation test. Ovulation tests are performed by looking at some hormones from the urine. Tape just like a pregnancy test

type. It starts from the 6th day of menstruation. The red line above the test is ready. After dripping urine, the second red line appears. This emerging line appears as a pink color and darkens towards the day of ovulation. As soon as the darkest red is seen, every other day intercourse should be tried. The result can be learned with a pregnancy test 12 days after intercourse. After sexual intercourse, you should lie down for half an hour without getting up.

When to Apply to IVF Center?

Newly married couples under the age of 25 should have regular sexual intercourse for at least 1 year without protection. Couples over the age of 30 should have unprotected sex for 6 months. If pregnancy does not occur, couples first apply to a gynecologist and urologist, and then their doctors recommend pregnancy with egg follow-up, vaccination and finally in vitro fertilization, depending on the situation.

What Does Egg-Following Pregnancy Mean?

On the 3rd day of the period, you go to the gynecologist. First of all, the uterus and ovaries are examined with ultrasound. Depending on the condition of the person, the ovaries begin to be stimulated either by pills or by drugs containing hormones to be shot around the belly button. It is started to be checked every 2 days. A maximum of 3 eggs are created and the eggs are expected to be 20 mm. After the eggs reach the required size, a cracking injection is made and after 48 hours, natural sexual intercourse is expected. Pregnancy test can be done after 12 days of intercourse every other day.

How is Vaccination Made?

Vaccination begins with a doctor's examination on the 3rd day of menstruation, and first of all, the ovaries and uterus are examined. Injections containing hormones to be shot from the abdomen are started. As in egg follow-up, 3 eggs are expected to be formed. After the egg sizes are between 17 mm and 20 mm, the cracking needle is struck.

After the cracking needle, the egg cell leaves the ovary and moves towards the tubes. 48 hours later, the couple comes back to the hospital and sperm cells are taken from the male and left in the laboratory. Sperm are washed in the laboratory and put into solutions.

In this way, the speed and vitality of sperm cells increase. The ready sperm cell is left by spraying from the woman's vagina to the inner part of the uterus with a thin catheter. After 12 days, the result can be learned with a pregnancy test.

If pregnancy does not occur despite egg follow-up and vaccination, the couple is now referred to the IVF center.

Kyrenia IVF IVF center greets couples with a smiling face, first examines their previous treatment, and then examines the couple again. First of all, it is necessary to determine the reasons that prevent pregnancy.

What can prevent pregnancy?

  • unexplained infertility

  • Immobility of sperm cells

  • Low or very low sperm count

  • Problems with ovulation

  • polycystic ovary syndrome

  • Cysts in the uterus

  • Tubes are clogged

  • Uterine deformities


What is done when starting IVF?

IVF is started on the 3rd day of menstruation. Needles containing high doses of hormone drugs are given around the abdomen. The aim in IVF is to obtain eggs at the maximum level, the more eggs are obtained, the more positive the treatment progresses. When the hormone drugs are shot, when the egg sizes are between 17 mm and 20 mm, the cracking needle is shot and now the egg collection process should be done.

Egg collection is performed under anesthesia for approximately 20 minutes. The uterus is entered with a thin swab, and the uterus is punctured and passed to the ovaries. all soft

How is IVF Treatment Applied?

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Regarding How IVF Treatment is Applied in Cyprus,

First of all, our consultant will contact you and a plan will be created. Treatment process, method, drugs to be used, etc. information is given on the whole subject.

Then, before our specialist doctors start IVF treatment, transfer from the airport and the hotel where you will stay are planned.

In vitro fertilization method is started. 

Cyprus IVF Center Prices (2024)


In Europe, the IVF method is performed between 10,000 and 15,000 Euros.

In Cyprus, our IVF applications are less than half of these figures, and we even have ready-made package prices that include many services such as accommodation and airport transfer.

We would only like to point out that in our IVF Hospital in Kyrenia, Cyprus, individuals who want to have a child with the in vitro fertilization method may also experience extra situations other than the agreed price (medicine, etc.). Of course, we would like to remind you that the biggest factor that increases success during the treatment process is that individuals support each other.

Our prices can completely change from patient to patient. Therefore, talk to our consultant first for a precise and clear price. He will ask you questions and tell you the most approximate IVF method price.

If you wish, you can reach us faster than our Whatsapp Line -->   +90 548 873 08 73

The reasons affecting the fees in Cyprus IVF treatment method:

The factors that most affect the prices in IVF centers are listed below.

  • Prices of drugs
  • Medical facilities offered by the IVF Center
  • Quality of consumables used
  • Technological methods applied
  • Number of qualified personnel
  • Experiences of doctors
  • Factors such as healthy pregnancy success rates are effective.

Experience (years)

14 +

Healthy Pregnancy

2700 +

Success Rate

85 %

Patient Satisfaction

99 %

Number of Employees


IVF Treatment Method


More Reasonable Price

70 %

Contracted Hotels


IVF Treatment Process5 steps of the IVF process

  • Counseling, Communication, Transportation and Accommodation

    Counseling, Communication, Transportation and Accommodation

    Before starting the treatment, our consultants will provide you with all the necessary information free of charge, and the drugs you will use at the beginning of the treatment process, etc. is taught. In addition, we can plan everything from flight tickets, airport transfers and hotel accommodation to our patients who will come to Cyprus from abroad.

  • Stimulation of the Ovaries and Monitoring of Egg Development

    Stimulation of the Ovaries and Monitoring of Egg Development

    The factor that most affects the level of success in IVF treatment; Undoubtedly, it is the production of a large number of eggs in the female ovaries. Therefore, thanks to the drugs that we told our patient to use during counseling, the ovaries are controlled and egg development is ensured. These drugs we are talking about are injections made under the skin or into the muscle. It takes an estimated 10-12 days to control the ovaries by means of drugs. In order for you to follow the status of your egg development, ultrasound devices are checked several times and the dose of your drugs is adjusted by looking at the hormone levels in your blood, depending on the situation.

  • Collecting the Eggs

    Collecting the Eggs

    During the control of egg development, if a sufficient number of eggs are found to be mature, the eggs are injected under the skin or intramuscularly with a needle to complete the final development process. Egg retrieval is scheduled for the 36th hour after this last drug treatment. During the egg collection process, our patients can be given sedative or sleep-inducing drugs if they wish. If desired, we can also perform this procedure under complete anesthesia. The treatment process, for example, is similar to the vaginal ultrasonography applied in your egg development follow-ups. The only difference is; It is a needle attached to a vaginal ultrasonography device that is passed through the vagina and collects the eggs in the ovaries. The duration of the procedure is approximately 30 minutes. Then, fertilization is performed with sperm cells. After the egg is collected, we give the couples a rest period of 2-3 hours and discharge them from the hospital. After these stages, we give double information about the drugs to be used.

  • Laboratory Operations

    Laboratory Operations

    Just one day after the egg collection you mentioned in the previous step, the couple is informed about how many of the eggs were fertilized normally and healthily. The fertilized eggs in our laboratory are monitored in about 2 to 5 days, and when the detection is deemed appropriate, the best quality ones are selected and placed back in the womb in a certain number of times. The couple is informed in advance of when the insertion will take place.

  • Embryo Transfer

    Embryo Transfer

    Before starting the transfer process, the couple is given detailed information about the number and quality of the embryos to be transferred. The transfer method, frankly, is no different from a very simple inspection process. No medication or anesthesia is required. Before the transfer, the only thing required is for the expectant mother to drink water and fill her bladder a little. Because the transfer process is performed under ultrasonographic observation. During the transfer process, a medical thin tube loaded with embryos is passed through the cervix and placed into the uterus. Thus, the embryos are left in the uterus. If there are good quality embryos or embryos left after the implantation process, the consent of the couple is obtained and the quality embryos are frozen and stored for future use. After the transfer, the couple is sent home after resting for a while (3-4 hours) in our IVF Hospital. The expectant mother is asked to spend the day just resting. In order to support the development of pregnancy, progesterone, estrogen and/or HCG (hormone) supplementation can be started after egg collection or embryo transfer. It is possible to learn the result of the treatment with the pregnancy test performed 2 weeks after the embryo transfer. If the pregnancy test is positive, an ultrasound appointment will be made after 3 weeks to observe your baby's heartbeat.

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Dear Kyrenia Ivf..
"Just I want to pass my comments, on Kyrenia ivf clinic.I have failed 4 times in the other clinics in Europe, but then I found this clinic which is Kyrenia Ivf on online,in february 2020. Miss Rovena Bello, who is working in this clinic . Rovena encouraged me all the way from the beginning to the end and encourged me ,to not give up. And I really appreciate her. Time to time she advised me what I need to do ,before the treatment . She never asked me to come to their clinic but she advised me for free ,all the way. she gave me lots of positive advice and she encourage me a lot.Rovena advised me to check my everything so I followed her and I checked everything and after that I decided to go to their clinic in north Cyprus. I went to the clinic in October and happily I can inform you, that now I'm pregnant. In the clinic all the staff was very very professional ,and they knew what they were doing and Dr VERDA was a professional doctor and she knew what she has to do that I can be successful and also the embryologist ,tried his best to create good quality embryos. So finally now I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I want to say a big thank you 💕💕🙏To Rovena and Dr Verda and all the staff which they were working there ,I'm very happy. God bless them."

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TestimonialsSuccess Stories

Дорогая Ровена!
"Dear Rovena! Giving happiness to those in need is priceless. Bowing to you. May God grant you long life and endless love!."

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Thank you very much..
"We are very pleased with you as coordinator. You were always with us, Mrs. Rovena, thank you very much. Today the children came out of the hospital. Thank you very much for everything you've done for us. God protect you and your family.."

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Dear Elame, thank you so much once again...
"Thank you so much to all the doctors, nurses and assistants that have helped us through this journey. It was well structured from the beginning to the end. And we are happy and proud to announce that we were successful. This won't be able without all of you. A special thanks to Elame she has helped us a lot even now during the pregnancy, she continues to check on me and the babies. The entire experience was overwhelming. The clinic was wonderful, everything was well organised the journey and even the transport. I would highly recommend IVF Cyprus to all those who dream to have a family on their own due to the qualified doctors and staff but also the emotional support you get..."

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